M/Six Cocktail Making Masterclass 2020

Venue: Home


To create an online offering for a corporate team of 20 to build team morale during lockdown. A cocktail making masterclass and team building activity to inject some fun and laughter to the teams’s spirits, direct to their home.


Having test run the technical side of the masterclass prior to our guests joining, we were prepared on the day to deliver a seamless experience. Our guests joined and were invited in to an evening of fun and laughter, with the journey of making their own cocktails. We used our industry friends, Regal Rogue Cocktails and Steamed Egg to deliver the experience, having worked with them both previously, we knew we were all in trusted hands. We worked with our clients to establish the kind of cocktails they wanted to try as well as keeping an air of mystery to the finite details of the experience. Steamed Egg produced some excellent team building activities and quiz, to generate a bit of healthy competition. We wanted to provide our clients with the chance to see that it is possible to connect as a team in the absence of physical presence. Phygital as a new experience to a team who are at the forefront of their industry.


Our clients enjoyed many laughs and moments of connection during the event. Delicious cocktails were produced and enjoyed and connections made possible through enjoying time together as a team which offered a difference atmosphere to the usual work-related contexts.

“Thank you Abbi&me we had a really fun evening on this cocktail masterclass! The technology was seamless and we learned new techniques and made delicious tasting cocktails, with lots of laughter too.”

John Maloney – M/Six