abbi&me are a boutique company with big ideas

Founded by Abbi Jeffery in 2014, we’re a London-based full-service creative events agency with global reach. We specialise in bringing brands face-to-face with their internal and external audiences through creative live events. So, we craft amazing experiences that communicate a brand’s story and create long-lasting impact. 

We’re fuelled by success, personal in approach, fresh in outlook and uncompromising in quality. It’s our priority to understand our brands and their audience, and produce events that support their objectives. We’re always on top of current and future trends in design, digital, tech and entertainment to ensure that your event is always ahead of the curve. 

Trusted for transparency and unmatched in precision is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Our relationships and reputation matter to us - it’s how we’ve made our mark. So, it’s a bonus when our clients do the speaking for us, and the results, of course!

abbi jeffery


Energetic / Passionate / Fastidious

Nothing excites me more than turning a vision into reality. The buzz I get from receiving a new brief sends me into creative overdrive. Just as much, I’m obsessed with the detail and how we execute – precision, precision, precision.

Imagine having your entire event in someone else’s hands? That takes a huge amount of trust! So, I’m thrilled that our clients trust us and that we’ve built an incredible reputation over the years based on their recommendations. 

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

nina voss


Resourceful / Diligent / Bold

I live to make what seems impossible, possible - and in the most stunning way. It’s amazing how much you discover about yourself and your capabilities when challenged to make something happen. Each event is unique in its purpose and vision, so I make sure the execution is just as unique and wonderful, however big or small. 

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”  - Paulo Coelho

hayley selway


Positive / Determined / Confident

When it comes to conjuring fabulous ideas, sourcing the latest entertainment trends or mesmerising guests with ‘out of this world’ performances, I absolutely have the answers. Curating on-brand entertainment that captivates guests is the fairy dust that makes an event memorable.

“You can have anything, if you are brave enough to go after it”– Walt Disney

rose maz


Outgoing / Motivated / Personable

I have 8 years’ experience in managing large scale operations. Having run events for high profile clientele such as Sir David Attenborough and Philip Glass, my experience extends throughout arts culture management in delivering the highest levels of professionalism with warmth and positivity. I love seeing an event come to life, through the journey of proposal through to execution, moreover, seeing the joy it provides people and providing memories to last a lifetime

The only limit to our realisation of tomorrow will be the doubts of today.- Franklin D Roosevelt