MMM Foodie Trip to San Sebastian

Location: San Sebastian


To take our client on a once in a lifetime Foodie trip to the stunning resort town on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s mountainous Basque Country. Known for its picturesque bayfront promenade and world-renowned restaurants with innovative chefs at their helm. Our client wanted to taste the delights of the area with ease and fun.


From flights, to accommodation, to dining and leisure time. We sculpted a trip where our client had to do nothing else but lift a pintxo to their lips. We took our guests to the cobblestoned old town of Parte Vieja, to traverse the shops and taste the vibrant pintxo bars pairing local wines with bite-size regional specialties. We booked tables at some of the towns most respected restaurants, to taste innovation on a plate and sample some of the most unique dishes in the world today. We took a trip up the mountains to take in the spectacular vista of the mountainous Basque country and marvel at the beautiful country’s landscape. Offering our clients the chance to stretch their legs and breathe fresh air in to their lungs, to then descend to unwind at their stunning accommodation at the Maria Cristina Hotel, before heading out for a well-earned fine dining experience at Arzak, the prestige restaurant offering a dining experience like no other.


Our client enjoyed one of the most exceptional foodie experiences of their careers, sampling the finest dishes in innovation and style. We feel both the execution and results are evident in the testimonial below, take a read and get in touch when you’re ready for us to organise your own foodie trip of a lifetime.

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and Nina for organising my trip to San Sebastián and in particular to say how off-the-scale BRILLIANT Nina was.

We had the most incredible time. I have had many clients say (to me and others who weren’t there) that it was the best ‘jolly’ they’d ever been on - and so much of that was down to Nina, your man on the ground Manni, and the extraordinary level of detail they went to, plus Nina’s astonishing organisational skills, that ensured all I had to do was keep my guests happy and have a great time with everyone.

As you will know, Nina is a really very special person, with a calm authority that has everyone feeling very relaxed in her company and totally trusting in her. So many of the guests said they didn’t want to go back to normal life without her there organising it for them! I felt exactly the same.

It was amazing watching my trip of dreams becoming a reality and I can’t wait to start organising the next one - which is definitely happening, and that I definitely want Nina to be working on again please! In fact I’m happy to start planning ASAP!

I will not hesitate to recommend the company, and Nina in particular, to anyone looking to organise any kind of trip and event - and I’m sure everyone who went to San Sebastián would say the same.”

MAnne Shooter - MMM