Maxus - Employee Incentive Trip

Venue: Cormayeur, Italy


To organise a ski trip for 50 employees to take place in 2 months with a limited budget.


Cormayeur in Italy seemed like the perfect choice with its high mountains and guaranteed snow during March, the time of the trip. As this was the client’s very first incentive trip we wanted to ensure it was truly unforgettable and one they would want to repeat every year.


As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. The ski trip was a massive success, with staff enjoying the slopes, the resort bars and amenities and convenient 5-minute walk from the resort to the slopes. Soon after returning home, the client asked us to start looking into the trip for next year.

“The feedback from our staff was incredible and we are looking forward to working with Abbi to plan an even bigger and better trip next year!”