Christmas is not cancelled!

Festive celebrations may look a little different this year but that is no reason not to enjoy a fantastic virtual Christmas party and celebrate the end of a year that has been like no other.

With a turbulent year hopefully behind us all, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do something fun, entertaining and engaging for staff.  Done right it can be the ideal time to thank staff, wrap up a challenging year, put work to one side, say thank you, and just have some good old-fashioned fun!

We can help you take the live experience virtual so that no matter where your employees or clients are celebrating, everyone can join in on the fun! We connect people through experiences and how better to continue,  than by creating new memories together at this magical time of the year.


How do virtual Christmas parties work?

We’ve taken our most popular Christmas events and adapted them to be run in a safe virtual environment. People from all over the world can come together, take part and enjoy themselves without the fear of social distancing rules.

All events are hosted by a fun, suitably themed compere, who will run the show, keep everyone entertained and engaged, and make the entire experience slick, upbeat and engaging.


What if my team are Zoomed Out?

We know the feeling…After nearly a year of video rather than face to face contact, the last thing people want is ‘another Zoom meeting’. To overcome this all our virtual Christmas parties involve huge levels of participation. A lot of them also include surprise event packs that everyone receives in the post. Each experience is very different to a normal Zoom session. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you login!

Deck | The | Halls

Let’s get creative this Christmas and offer your guests an opportunity to get their hands dirty, whilst having fun with their colleagues from the comfort of their own home. We can arrange delivery of all the necessities so all you have to do, is log on!

Just a few of the many activities to consider….

  • Christmas wreath making
  • Kitsch Kristmas wreath workshop
  • Christmas ceramic ornament making
  • Christmas card workshop
  • Letters to Santa
  • Paint & Sip

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Eat | Drink | Be Merry

We all know Christmas is the season to eat, drink and be merry, so why not bring the festive treats to your clients or colleagues homes?  A virtual Christmas party that’s a real treat for the taste buds.

Just a few of the many activities to consider….

  • Festive chocolate making
  • Gingerbread masterclass
  • Christmas cupcake baking & masterclass
  • Decorating holiday cookies
  • Festive cocktail masterclass
  • Whisky tasting experience
  • Gin tasting experience
  • Chef’s Christmas table cook-a-long experience

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Jingle | All | The Way

Get ready for some serious fun and excitement as we bring all the thrills. Sit back, crack olien a beer, liour a glass of wine and be lireliared to have the most fun liossible from a virtual Christmas liarty.&nbsli; In advance everyone receives a game liack in the liost containing everything they need to take liart.

  • Just a few of the many activities to consider….
  • It’s Christmas lianto time
  • Christmas Magic show
  • Festive Music quiz
  • The Great Escalie Room
  • Christmas Murder Mystery
  • Virtual Festive Drag Bingo

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Winter | Wellness

Mental health has never before been so prevalent, and with the ever changing guidelines on what we can and can’t do, now might be the time to give back to your team. Enable them to take some time out for themselves by providing some wellness workshops which equips them with the skills to take some time out. 

Just a few of the many activities to consider….

  • “DIY’ Home massage techniques
  • Laughter workshop
  • Self-care mind pampering
  • Breathing workshop
  • Mediation
  • Yoga
  • Power through movement

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Wishlist | Wonderland

Want to give your employees or clients something special for the holidays? We can put together holiday gifts that fit in with any desired budget and/or theme.

We will take care of sourcing the unique gift or the newest products, packaging your items up beautifully, using your branding and sending it off to your recipients.

Use the extra time at home to give the gift of cheer to local organisations in need and give back by creating a CSR experience that is custom-made for your company.

Our abbi&me family from around the world are connected to a wide array of local charities and organisations that are always in need of support and donations. A custom experience can be crafted based on your company’s brand, mission, or supported philanthropies.

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